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Robots (Pre-UIC)

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M21. UIC researchers advance technologies to power unmanned vehicles, May 6, 2024 (link | cached)

M20. Reimagining personalities with mechatronics, July 18, 2023 (link | Video)

M19. Making human-like robots more capable, September 20, 2021 (link | cached)

M18. Miniature 3D printed linear actuator / Disney/Pixar Hopping Lamp Researchers Recreate Hopping Disney/Pixar Lamp with 3D Printed Actuator, Oct 30, 2019 (link | cached)

M17. IEEE Control Systems Education and Outreach to Low-Income High-School Students in San Antonio
         Short blurb on the IEEE Control Systems Magazine (August 2019)

M16. Code camp for middle school girls
         1) San Antonio Express News 7/18/2019
         At camp, girls find that coding indeed does compute, UTSA program lets the middle schoolers learn while having a good time (another link) (cached)
         2) UTSA Today 7/22/2019
          Girl code power: Middle schoolers explore STEM during summer camps on the Westside (cached)
         3) KSat 7/25/2019
          TECH SA: UTSA STEM camp for girls offered on West Side (cached)
          Video link
          Facebook | cached | YouTube

M15. UTSA Mechatronics Final Project - Hall of Engineering Professors
         KABB Fox News 29, Dec 1, 2018, (video)
         San Antonio Express News, December 1, 2018, Attack of the cyborgs (link) (cached)

M14. Robotics and Motion Lab promoting the Doseum's new exhibit Science Fiction Science Now
         Kens 5 TV San Antonio: October 12, 2017. Andrew Waterreus, ME UTSA graduate student features from 2:30 to 3:30 with UTSA Darwin OP2 (link)          (cached)
         San Antonio Express News: October 9, 2017. Kids can explore science possibilities in DoSeum exhibit (link) (cached)

M13. Service Learning in under-graduate Robotics class
         ATE brings service learning opportunities to COE, Sep 8, 2016 (link) (cached)
         Education + Engineering = Success, ATE brings service learning opportunities to COE, Winter 2016 (link) (cached)

M12. Meet a Roadrunner, Christian Trevinio
         UTSA Today, June 15, 2016 (link) (cached)

M11. Animatronics Face: RomoBot
         Adafruit Blog: The RomoBOT, an Arduino Powered Animatronic Face, May 16, 2016 (link) (cached)
         Arduino Blog: Two College Students Build A Hilarious Animatronics Face, May 13, 2016 (link) (cached)
         Hackaday: Robo Face Speaks, May 12, 2016 (link) (cached)

M10. Rowdy Walker
         UTSA Press release: Re-engineering an antique walking toy allows it to practically walk out of the 3D printer (link) Texas researchers re-engineer vintage toy to walk right out of 3D printer, May 11, 2016 (link) (cached)
         UTSA Engineering: Recreating Antique Toys with Modern Technology, May 9, 2016 (link) (cached) and Innovations Magazine Spring 2016 (link) (cached)
         UTSA photo of the day: Strutting Rowdy, April 28, 2016 (link) (cached)

M9. UTSA professor receives grant to create more versatile legged robots, May 2, 2016 (link) (cached)

M8. Paper Walker
       COE students volunteer at the DoSeum, UTSA Innovations magazine, Jan 29, 2016 (back cover) (link) (cached)
       Engineering students team up with The DoSeum for STEM outreach, UTSA Community Connect, Fall 2016, (link) (cached)
       UTSA photo of the day: Rowdy on the run, Jan 5, 2016 (link) (cached)

M7. Robotics Frontiers
       Students are taking engineering skills to new levels, including bots that interact with humans, UTSA Sombrilla Magazine, July 6, 2015 (link) (cached)
       UTSA photo of the day: Innovative Robots, June 14, 2016 (link) (cached)

M6. Dancing Pendulums
       UTSA student's dancing pendulums find home in The DoSeum, June 23, 2015 (link) (cached)

M5. Mechatronics Class Final Project
       Mechatronics Rowdy Bots contest on UTSA College of Engineering Innovations Magazine, from Spring 2015 issue (cached)
       UTSA photo of the day: Battling Robots, Dec 10, 2015 (link) (cached)

M4. Are walking, talking, feeling robots like Chappie in our future? March 5, 2015 (link) (Cached)

M3. Meet a Roadrunner, Pranav Bhounsule, UTSA Today, Nov 19, 2014 (link) (cached)

M2. Cornell Ranger Ultra-Marathon Walking
        NTDTV - Cornell Students' Walking Robot Sets World Record (link) (YouTube) (cached)
        Reuters - Walking robot sets record (link)
       Dailymail - Marathon robot: 'Ranger' sets a world record by walking 40.5 miles non-stop on a single battery charge (link) (cached)
       MSNBC - Robot walks 40.5 miles non-stop (link) (cached)
       Engadget - Cornell's Ranger robot walks 40.5 miles on a single charge, doesn't even break a sweat (link) (cached)
       Cornell Chronicle - Robot walks a 40.5-mile ultramarathon without recharge (link) (cached)
       Gizmag - Ranger robot breaks its own endurance record (link) (cached)
       Popsci - Ranger robot sets a new distance record, walking 40 miles on a single charge (link) (cached)
       Ubergizmo - Robot Ranger walks 40.5 miles on solitary battery charge, setting a new world record in the process (link) (cached)
       Tecca - Ranger robot trots 40 miles straight on 5 cents worth of electricity (link) (cached)

M1. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University (Fall 2011 newsletter) (cached)

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