Funded Projects

   Total Funding: $7.4 million    
   Total as PI: $1.2 million

G15. PI: Pranav A. Bhounsule, Collaborative Development of Robotics Education and Advanced Manufacturing Open Educational Resources (Co-DREAM OER) (100%), $23,480 U.S. Department of Education via Clemson University, Sept. 2023 - Sept. 2025.

G14. PI: Pranav A. Bhounsule, Asymmetric Gait Generation for Legged Locomotion in Complex Environments via Off-Line Model Reduction and Real-Time Optimal Control, Foundational Research in Robotics, NSF-CMMI, 2021-2024, $581,643 (link | cached)

G13. PIs: Kenneth Brezinsky, Patrick Lynch, Senior Personnel: Hadis Anahideh, Pranav A. Bhounsule (1%), Power Improvements in UAS systems: Sensing of ignition relevant properties to enable Multifuel Operation and Optimization to enable power sharing $6,089,559, ARL W911NF2020223, Oct. 2020 - Sept. 2023.

G12. PI: Jon Komperda, Matthew Alonso, Patrick Lynch, Pranav Bhounsule (15%), Myunghee Kim; ARL HBCU Route the Gap: A Semi-Autonomous Wet Gap Crossing, $11,136, CCDC Annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)/Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) Undergraduate Student Competition W911NF-20-S-0002, Apr. 2020 -- Oct. 2020.

G11. PI: Fengshan Chen, Co PI: Adel Alaeddini, Pranav Bhounsule (5%), Amir Jafari, Hung-Da Wan. Education, Training and Mentoring Program for National Formosa University Students in Advanced Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 National Formosa University $417,697, 2019-2021.

G10. PI: Pranav Bhounsule (34%) Co PI: Lorena Claeys, Belinda Harmon, Code camp for girls to increase STEM awareness in low-income neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas Workforce Commission, 2018-2019, $99,997.

G9. PI Pranav Bhounsule, RI: Small: Agile legged robots: composing periodic gaits for aperiodic locomotion, $399,007, NSF-IIS, RI 2018 -- 2021.

G8. PI Pranav Bhounsule, 2 Baxter robots (donation), Continental Automative, Seguin, $60,000 (approximate total value), 2018.

G7. PI: David Akopian, co-PIs Yongcan Cao, Pranav Bhounsule (33%), Boeing Go-Fly contest Phase I, Private Donation, Jan 1, 2018 to May, 2018, Total $38,000.

G6. PI: Pranav Bhounsule, Collaborative Research: Engineering Identity, its Predictors, and its Impact on Retention across Educational Stages, NSF Engineering Education, Subcontract University of Texas at Austin, 2018 - 2019, Total 7,000.

G5. PI: Ahmad Taha, coPIs Chunjian Qian and Pranav Bhounsule (33%) Control Systems Education and Outreach to Low-Income High-School Students in San Antonio, IEEE Control Systems Society, 2017-2018, Total $10,000.

G4. PI: Pranav Bhounsule Accelerated path teaching for robotic routing using ROS Industrial framework, 2016-2017, Southwest Research Institute (contract), $47,097.

G3. PI: Pranav Bhounsule Highly customizable, light weight artificial legs based on embedding actuators and sensors in 3D printed parts. Grants for Research Advancements and Transformation (GREAT), Office of Vice President of Research,  the University of Texas at San Antoino, 2016-2017, $20,000. (link | cached)

G2. PI: Pranav Bhounsule, Tackling high D/F/W rates in Engineering Dynamics through a games-based pedagogy. Sawtelle Financial Teaching Innovation Grant 2016-2017, $3,000. (link | cached)

G1. PI: Pranav Bhounsule, NSF-CRII: Energy effective and versatile bipedal robots using event-based switching between parameterized steady-state controllers. NSF-IIS, 2016-2018, $167,024 (link) (cached)

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